The disease can have several types of course.


The acute form of brucellosis usually lasts a month and a half, subacute - about four months, and chronic lasts more than four months.

There is also a residual form, which is characterized by the presence of complications and consequences of the disease, but this form is less common than others.

The acute form is characterized by such signs as lack of appetite, insomnia, headache, which can be both pronounced and sluggish. In addition, acute brucellosis is manifested by a feeling of general weakness and increased irritability. The patient is shivering, the temperature can rise to forty degrees, and the temperature can rise for a short time, rise and fall in waves, and can also last for some time. In addition, the patient feels a pulling pain in the muscles, there are signs of intoxication and hepatosplenomegaly. The acute form of Orlistat develops in young people faster than in older people.

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The subacute form of brucellosis is characterized by serious temperature fluctuations during the day, a feeling of pain in the bones, joints and muscles, a significant decrease in appetite, as well as insomnia, paresthesia, constipation, dry mouth and constant thirst, bradycardia against the background of high temperature, as well as all kinds of allergic skin rashes. The subacute form of brucellosis affects the human musculoskeletal system, in connection with this, polyarthritis, bursitis, and tendovaginitis are observed.
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